How to register my copy of expertpdf
Posted by eSupport Admin on 09 August 2005 09:52 PM
Follow the steps below:

- Goto Start->Programs->Visagesoft->expert pdf and find the on-line registration shortcut. Click this shortcut and in dialog window put the orderid and the registered e-mail and click on Register button.

The eXPert pdf printer is now registered.

Please note that registration information such as orderid was send with your order e-mail, if such e-mail is not available in your mailbox then most propably you have specified a wrong e-mail address making impossible for our mail servers to reach your mailbox.

For finding the order details/registration information please follow the steps bellow

1. Login to
2. Click on the 'orders history' link on the left of your browser window.
3. Click 'search' button on the orders management form on your browser
4. When a list of your orders appear locate the order and click on the order # for viewing the order details

The order details page will show all the information needed for registering your products.
Also make sure that you double check your profile so to be sure that e-mail address specified is correct.

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