Manual eXPertPDF registration
Posted by eSupport Admin on 09 August 2005 09:52 PM
For manual registering eXPert PDF product please apply the following steps:

1. Start the on-line registration application, write down the unique serial number of your pc.
2. Login to
3. Click on the 'orders history' link on the left of your browser window.
4. Click 'search' button on the orders management form on your browser
5. When a list of your orders appear locate the order and click on the order # for viewing the order details
6. Click on the link 'Request product license' and follow the on screen instructions for generating your license file
7. download the license file
8. open windows task manager and kill the process named vspdfprsrv.exe if it is running
9. Double click on the downloaded license file for importing the license into windows registry

You should now have a registered copy
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