Expert PDF SDK

Visagesoft Expert PDF SDK is a set of COM objects for capturing printer job, handle the captured jobs and generate the final PDF document. The idea is that your application create an instance of IVSPDFPrinter interface and wait for printer jobs to arrive from the printer driver, when you have captured all the printer jobs you may decide if you want to generate the pdf document or not, store the jobs to disk for later use or anything else. The final pdf generation is made thru a simple call of GeneratePDF method. In other words with a few lines of code you will be able to generate PDF documents without user interaction.

With the SDK you get total control over the printer jobs. When the SDK is handing printer jobs the default preview window of pdf printer is disabled. Any programming language able to handle COM/OLE can use the SDK for creating PDF documents.

The only samples currently available are developed in Delphi/VB, additional samples might be added in the feature

Expert PDF installer will also install the COM object on host pc.

Please note that the SDK is not a standalone sdk for generating pdf documents. The sdk requires installation of Expert PDF printer driver on the PC you plan to use the SDK.When expertpdf runs as a trial product pdf documents created with the SDK will have a trial watermark.